Cj's Salon & Barber Lounge is a Barber in Arvada, CO

Cj's Salon & Barber Lounge is a professional barber located in Arvada, CO. We specialize in traditional barbershop services performed in a warm, friendly environment. We have over 20 years of experience in providing the best quality cuts. We're here to help you feel at ease because our customers are like family.

We can offer the following services:

We are more than your normal barber. We can even offer you the best salon services in the Arvada area. We look forward to being able to share our knowledge and expertise with you. So please come and visit us at Cj's Salon & Barber Lounge today!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Affordable Quality Cuts
  • Certified Cosmetologists & Barbers
  • Locally Owned
  • Over 20 Years of Experience
Locations Served
  • Arvada, CO
  • Surrounding Areas